Contract Work

Home of any contract work I can show

A Dragons Tale by Rob on Sketchfab

Any work that I do for clients that I have permission to show will belong here.

If you wish to contact me regarding work, rates or general inquiries please visit the “Contact” page.

Trex roar for an currently undisclosed project

Very first first person swimming animations

FP animations for an undisclosed project

A Mech I did as a test, including the rigging and animation. Model was provided.

First person rifle for an undisclosed project

In engine shots of some FP sniper rifle animations for an undisclosed project.

In Maya shots of a “D-rex run” as well as a first person reload for an elephant gun for an undisclosed project, more information as well as in engine shots will be added once the client is happy to release such work.

Combination of animations used to aid in the creation of a tree climbing system, in engine shots when available to me will be updated.

A Matchlock reload for a currently undisclosed project. Including rigging of the character using ART as well as the weapon plus the animation.

The reload was made to be interruptible so each stage can be continued from a set “Checkpoint”