The Peterson Case

An amazing ongoing horror game made with Unity. A very talented team behind it. All work belongs to “Quarter Circle Games”. I will highlight any contributions I can show here via timestamps or direct grabs if allowed!


(All camera work was done in engine by another talented person so cannot take credit for it)

0.38-0.43: Hand turning door knob and door opening/settle

0.43-1.01: Twitching idle of female character

1.00-1.04: Raising/grabbing of right arm

1.07-1.13: First Person arm animation

2.15-2.18: Stabbing animation (First person arms only)

2.23-2.29: Opening and raise of hand.

Remainder: All first person arm animation seen (Not the camera work)

Trailer for the upcoming “The Peterson Case” I am only responsible for the timestamped animation, everything else is all some other talented people